La teología de Kurt Gödel

Me encuentro con un debate en Edge acerca de la Fundación Templeton. A los pertinaces ateos Dawkins, Dennet & co. les molesta que gente como Freeman Dyson o Paul Davies estén cobrando un premio mucho mayor que cualquiera a los que ellos puedan aspirar, por defender que la ciencia es compatible con la religión…

Pero lo mejor es esta cita de Gödel que George Dyson saca a colación:

When, 2500 years ago, the doctrine was first enunciated that bodies consist of atoms, that must at that time have seemed just as fantastic and unfounded as many of the religious doctrines appear today. For at that time there was literally not a single known observational fact that could have led to the enunciation of the atomic theory; rather, that happened on purely philosophical grounds. Nevertheless, that theory has today been brilliantly confirmed and has become the basis for a very large part of modern science. Of course, today we are far from being able to justify the theological world view scientifically but I think already today it may be possible purely rationally (without the support of faith and any sort of religion) to apprehend that the theological world view is thoroughly compatible with all known facts (including the conditions that prevail on our earth).

Two hundred fifty years ago the famous philosopher and mathematician Leibniz already tried to do that, and that is also what I have attempted in my last letters. What I call the theological world-view is the idea that the world and everything in it has meaning and reason [to it], and in fact a good and indubitable meaning. From that it follows directly that our earthly existence, since it in itself has a very doubtful meaning, can only be a means toward the goal of another existence. The idea that everything in the world has meaning is, after all, precisely analogous to the principle that everything has a cause on which the whole of science rests.

[de una carta de Gödel a su madre, …transcription from Sol Feferman’s edition of Godel’s Collected Works]

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